Aircraft Acquisition

    The purchase of an aircraft is a little more complicated than meets the eye.  First you need to determine if you need an airplane of your own, or if charter might be a better alternative.  Once you have decided on owning an aircraft, what kind should you buy?  Many aircraft have been bought on impulse, and have turned out to be financial disasters for their new owners.  If you don't do the proper research prior to purchase, you may find that your airplane needs maintenance or refurbishment that can cost you nearly as much as as you paid for it in the first place.  There are aircraft for sale that are simply not economical to repair.  Cases as bad as this are not an every day occurence, but they do happen.  They are, however, entirely preventable.

    At AvGroup, we offer you a solution to the problem.  We can analize your wants and needs in order to advise you on your choice of aircraft.  Once you decide on the type of aircraft you want, we search the market for you, and perform the necessary research and pre purchase inspections on your behalf.  Armed with all the right information, you are able to make an informed and intellegent choice.

    We charge reasonable fees for our services, and do not accept a comission on the aircraft sale, or any maintenance or refurbishment we oversee on your behalf.  This means we find the best deal for you, not the deal that pays the most in comission!   Let AvGroup make it easy for you.  Give us a call.

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